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December 20th, 2007 (04:55 pm)

feeling: crappy
hearing: nein

Stolen from Sara..

Post the first sentence of the first entry from each month this year

January: -

February: Sean drew me a picture the other day XD It looks like an orange and purple scribble, but apparently it's our family

March: Jesus christ can't someone in my family not be mentally screwed? Plz?

April: You ever get that thing where like, you get the feeling you're the subject of some joke?

May: -

June: Tom's house is HAUNTED and the ghost there is going to KILL ME O.O

July: I am an EXCELLENT driver. Excellent.

August: Fail.

September: Marge, I'd kill for you! Please ask me to kill for you..

October: I spent 6+ hours today reducing the prices on milk. I'm beginning to wonder if milk is that great, after all.

November: Holy shit, either I'm hallucinating, or someone just spoke to me in phonetics for ten minutes (foxtrot uniform charlie kilo india november - hotel echo lemur lemur >.<), followed by ANOTHER ten minutes of humming the Mario theme song.

December: My birthday was lovely, I spent the night beforehand with my family & Tom, and spent the day shopping with Tms and Mum <3

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September 4th, 2007 (08:04 pm)

sitting: my chair
feeling: loved
hearing: Tori - Hurt/Caught A Lite Sneeze [Live]

 Marge, I'd kill for you! Please ask me to kill for you..

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you need wings to fly, you need someone to take your place when you are gone

July 9th, 2007 (06:59 pm)

sitting: in my chair.
feeling: bored
hearing: Zeromancer - Dr. Online

I had an angry New-York-ian get angry at me and then tell me to change my hair today. Pigtails FTW! 

In the space of one weekend, I have seen my boyfriend:
a) get his ass grabbed by and overexcited Irishman, and
b) hump one of his male co-workers
.. I'm getting concerned. Should I be concerned?

In other news..

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February 28th, 2007 (04:32 pm)

you know the drill.


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